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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A lot of my time has been spent enjoying this excellent footwear shoot by US Vogue. Cats and beautiful shoes... beautiful, flat, wearable shoes!
It's almost too perfect.

View the shoot in it's entiretry here.


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

This spring I'm rejecting the usual floral and stripe themes. For me it's anything holographic.
I'm going along the lines of a Barbarella-futuristic-mermaid from outer space. 
I think it works...

 Nail polish, Barry M £3.99; bag, M2Malletier £1,050; sliders, New Look £24.99; dress M&S £59


Monday, 10 February 2014

Orla Kiely has done it again.
Just look at this lookbook.
I'm obsessed.

When the teaser sketches were released I knew I would want everything. The goddess that is Zooey Deschanel has teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger to create a capsule collection for US department store Macy's, and, yup - it's good.

Such is my lust for the entire line I'm finding it impossible to pick out one must have, I settle for one of each. The collection of 16 dresses is inspired by Zooey's love of vintage, particularly London in the Sixies and her favourite girls of the time, Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton. She describes it as mod meets nautical and has even coined a new word for the look 'modical'. I've considered this word and it gets a thumbs up from me.

The collection goes on sale in Macy's stores and online from April 14th, priced between $98 - $199, pretty decent price point I think, and the best part is Macy's ship to the UK!! 
PLUS if you sign up to their emails you get 15% off!!!!!
Though if you have more patience then me you'll only have to wait till April 21st when the collection will be available directly from tommy.com as well as selected stores in America, Europe and Japan, with some carrying Zooey designed jewellery and handbags. 

I am going to be very poor.


Friday, 29 November 2013

Party season is less then a week away and while sparkly dresses are a staple for this time of year there's no reason this shouldn't extend to your nails.
I recently trialled a selection of nail art kits by Rock Beauty London and couldn't help notice they had an incredible selection of kits available that looked perfect for this time of year, for when a good dress just isn't enough, with this in mind, and all in the name of excellent nails I thought I'd bravely be the Guinna pig once more and test out their latest offerings.

The silver and gold Frou Frou kits really caught my eye. Each kit contains a selection of high quality crystal embellished nail charms, some simple shapes, and in the case of the silver kit the charms feature enamel details. You can apply the charms directly onto wet nails but the kit also comes with nail glue for a stronger attachment - which I would recommend if you're anything like me on the dance floor, better to be safe then sorry!
I also think the glue is a better idea for the larger charms, and it definitely means you get the most out of your wear. Mine lasted about 5 days which I was really impressed with and I received so many compliments on them. I paired the gold kit with a deep red polish and the silver with lilac. Despite what I imagined they would look like they were far less blingy in the flesh, plus you get to look like you have INCREDIBLE nail skills when you tell people you did them yourself! I LOVED these kits and will be using again for sure.

Silver Frou Frou charms

Gold Frou Frou charms

Also on offer and a great alternative to the Frou Frou are the nail textures. Having already tested out glitter the last time I thought I'd give Sequin and Velvet nails a shot.

 Now the sequins are hard to miss. Imagine a disco ball on your nails - PERFECT! Plus they catch the light in a really nice way. Now the name 'Sequin' is slightly misleading, obviously as you can see they aren't actual sequins, rather large pieces of glitter giving a total different effect to the actual 'Glitter' kit which contains a pot of much finer glitter. This contains a clear polish, and after you've applied two coats just dip your nails in the sequin pot and brush off the excess. It's a much better (and quicker) way to achieve this look as opposed to polishes with large glitter particles which require you to really build up the colour. For statement nails in a flash you can't beat this kit.

And finally I tested out their velvet kit. Now I'll own up, I have tried out velvet manicures before and not been sold, but that was by a budget brand who I won't name because this blog isn't about slamming products but highlighting good ones... anyway that was not a great experience and I took it off after about five minutes.
Again, like the Sequin kit you apply two coats of the nail colour, in this case a rich purply/red wine hue, and then dip into the texture brushing off the excess, then leave to dry for 20 minutes and done!
This is a far more subtle effect then the other kits but still striking and the beautiful colours add a sophisticated edge. One of the things I was worried about was what would happen when I washed my hands, but I am happy to report all was fine, the texture remained, and dried out quickly. 
Now as you can see in the image below the colour is off having come out a rather vivid purple due to the flash being on, I really wanted to demonstrate the texture more then the colour.
At a glance it looks like a pretty classic nail but look a little closer and what a statement!

 Nail Rock kits are available at Selfridges, Topshop, ASOS and at NailRock.com


Friday, 22 November 2013

I have a confession to make, I am addicted to loungewear. 
I have a beautiful chest of drawers stuffed with super soft t-shirts, pyjama bottoms, loose sweaters, bed socks, and until this week just one onesie. Onesies are a real marmite item. Some people love them and others hate them. My experience has been mixed, it's hard to find one in a really good fabric. Clammy weird man made fleece or super lightweight cotton offerings are everywhere, and do you opt for enclosed feet? A hood? So many important considerations.
All I know for sure is when I'm on the way home from work after another day that feels like it'll never end thoughts of the sofa and cosy, comfy loungewear dominate my thoughts, to the point that when I do get home I'm usually stripped off by the time I get to the top of the stairs.

With all this in mind there was no way I could pass up the opportunity to test out a onesie from legendary Norwegian brand OnePiece. These bad boys are kings of onesies, the original and best. The hardest part was picking a style but eventually I went for a the classic, original, unisex style. 
It arrived less then 24 hours after I ordered - amazing! Knowing it was at home waiting for me was basically all that saw me though the hellish post-work tube journey.
I like my loungewear loose and cocoon like and man, did it tick every box. Perhaps I did sound slightly demented mumbling to my sister about the "new level of comfort" I was currently experiencing but I meant every word.

The only fault I found was with myself. WHY DID I NOT HAVE THIS FOR FESTIVALS? So ideal for the morning walk to the loo/slobby tent breakfast and the soft, thick cotton fleece fabric is SO welcoming after spending about 14 hours dancing in a field.

So the lovely people at OnePiece have given me a special code to share the love with all of you. You too can experience my "new level of comfort" with 20% off. Just type in 31WHATSHESAID at the checkout. This code is valid until Sunday 1st December 2013

Now if anyone wants me for the rest of the weekend I'll be rocking my OnePiece with a Breaking Bad box set.


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